Camp vs. Kitsch: Battle of the Late Night Advertisements

Originally published on Camp vs. Kitsch.

It’s not a great secret that kitsch sells. But when serious minded advertisements transcend their origins into Camp, does it ultimately help the product? Thankfully, this is not the kind of blog that utilizes any sort of thoughtful examination of statistics. (But if you know of any, by all means, leave a comment.) It is, however, the kind of blog that dredges up wonderful YouTube videos so that you can vote for your favorite.

Today’s competition pits the ultimate kitschy item’s ultimate kitschy ad against a really important service that nonetheless launched a catchphase that undoubtedly sold more novelty products than subscriptions to the service. Yes folks, in the kitsch corner, we have CHIA PET, “The Pottery That Grows.” And in the camp corner, I give you LIFE CALL, complete with “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”



Now I will admit, I may be biased in part because my family actually subscribed to Life Call for my grandmother, whereas I don’t believe I ever met a real Chia Pet in the wild. Plus, I think “Chia Tree, to keep your pets company” seals the deal. However, Amy votes for Life Call, “Not for the old people (I feel bad thinking
they’re funny), but primarily for the guy who answers the call all
‘Right away, Mr. Stevenson.'”

Where do you stand?


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