Camp vs. Kitsch: Kindergarten: The Musical!

Originally published on Camp vs. Kitsch.

One of my favorite Camp artifacts of all time is the out-of-print album The Barry Sisters Sing Fiddler On The Roof, with my absolute favorite track being the bongo-driven “Far From The Home I Love.” While waxing rhapsodic about this track, I went to YouTube to see if there could possibly be other renditions of the song that rivaled my favorite. I’m not sure why I clicked on this one, but boy did I hit jackpot:

6 year old Lola Uliano
Well, needless to say, this one outcamps anything the Barry Sisters ever did, so I had to go searching for something kitschy enough to possibly rival this. I showed the clip to my friend Amy, to which she responded:

Okay, I might change my mind about this, but right now I’m thinking that ALL musicals should be done with an all-kindergarten cast.

At least once.

That’s all I needed to hear to remember Kevin Smith’s brilliantly kitschy move of utilizing Sweeney Todd in his film Jersey Girl. The film wasn’t great, but the highlight was undoubtedly the school talent show, in which Raquel Castro (as Ben Affleck’s daughter) enlists all the adults in her life to recreate “God That’s Good” for her elementary school. You might want to fast foward past the first 45 seconds of Liv Tyler playing Toby. Or maybe not.

Jersey Girl does Sweeney Todd

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