Talkin’ Broadway: The Trojan Whore

Originally published on Talkin’ Broadway.

Lonnie McAdoo and Jason Myatt

Did you hear about the unwinnable war being fought for personal reasons that went on for far too long? Yeah, me too. And so, apparently, have the folks at the Mill 6 Collaborative, who are currently presenting The Trojan Whore, a new comedy by Sean Michael Welch all about that war. That’s right, I was talking about the Trojan War, you silly readers.

If you thought the above paragraph was arch and clever, you’re in for a treat with Sean Michael Welch’s play. If, however, you’re tired of loose metaphors for the Bush administration’s policies disguised as political theatre, you might want to stay away.

Even for those of us tired of preachy, anti-Bush shows, there is a lot to recommend in The Trojan Whore. John Edward O’Brien has staged the work effectively in the tiny, 30-seat Devanaughn Theatre at the Piano Factory, emphasizing the personal conflicts that underlie national battles. The cast is uniformly talented, eliciting their fair share of laughs and even a bit of pathos.  Continue reading