It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s dlevy! My Wedding Toast

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Yesterday, one of my oldest best friends, Benjamin, got married to one of my newer best friends,Stephanie, and it was awesome. I had the privilege of being the groom’s best man, so I was asked to toast the couple during the reception. Behind the cut, my toast, which is probably only interesting to people who know the couple.

However, since Benjamin and I initially met through blogging, it seems only right that I preserve my words here.

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Remember how I promised more “Lies We Were Taught in Hebrew School” posts? Well, here we go, although this will take quite a different tack than the previous one.

Today, I’d like to take on the institution of marriage. I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage in the last five years or so, although not (unfortunately) because I’ve gotten any closer to it myself. However, between seeing many of my friends and relatives get hitched and watching the national debate over the nature of marriage in politics, it’s been hard to avoid thinking about the subject.

If you want to skip directly to the controversial point of this post, here it is: Rabbis should get out of the marriage business. However, if you read this sentence and then skip straight to the comments to call me a godless lefty pinko homosexual heretic (and, to be fair, you’d be about half-right) you will miss the point. Read on.
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