Fynsworth Alley: 10 Questions with Andrew Lippa

Originally published on Fynsworth Alley.

10 Questions with Andrew Lippa


How do you feel about being grouped as part of the much talked about “next generation” of Broadway writers?

I think the grouping of people comes from the needs of newspaper/column writers to give some kind of organization to things. Probably the only reason we are grouped together is that we’re a gang of people who have been consistently produced in New York. But, of course, that doesn’t account for people who’ve created some great stuff. Steven Trask (Hedwig) comes to mind as someone I haven’t read much about who wrote a great score. And I don’t think he’s included in that “next generation” stuff. Admittedly, it’s always nice to be talked about but there’s not much to the discussion other than pointing out that there ARE a group of really gifted younger writers who want to write musicals. That in itself is cause for celebration!

What’s your next writing project?

I’m writing several things right now. First is a new musical called Enchant with bookwriter Betsy Pool. I don’t really want to say what it’s about yet but it’s based on a screenplay by Betsy and it’s a very musical idea in that a lot of the characters sing by profession (though it’s not a backstage musical either). Curious? Well, once we’ve written a draft I’ll be a little more willing to talk about it. The other project is a movie called A Whatnot Christmas for which I am writing the songs and score. It is being directed and written by Mitchell Kriegman and will be released next year. It’s done with puppets and computer animation and I’m in the process of writing and recording the songs right now.

What’s your role in the upcoming Cinderella tour, and how did that come about?

I’m the musical supervisor and arranger for that tour. Gabriel Barre (who directed The Wild Party) is directing and asked if I would come on board. It’s been fun to work with such great music and to re-think it to fit into a new book and a new production. This is the first first-class production of this show so it’s got some excitement around it.   Continue reading