Fynsworth Alley: Interview with Emily Skinner

Originally published on Fynsworth Alley.

emily skinnerEmily Skinner needs no introduction. Currently wowing audiences nightly in The Full Monty on Broadway and with her eponymous solo album, Emily is an entertainment powerhouse. Of course, she’s also known for her Tony-nominated performance in Side Show, her memorable roles in A Christmas Carol and James Joyce’s The Dead, and her two CDs with Side Show pal Alice Ripley, Duets and Unsuspecting Hearts.

DL: I’m sure everyone’s curious to hear about the new album, so let’s start there and work backwards through your career. Why is this one an “Emily Skinner” album instead of a Duets album?

ES: You’d have to ask Bruce about that. He approached me back in the spring about a solo album. I think the original concept was to do my album and Alice’s album, and have each of us sing on the other’s solo album. And I don’t know if Alice is eventually going to do one – I know she’s sort of insane right now, working on her own pop album. But I think that’s the plan. My schedule just allowed the time to do it this summer, so I thought, “let’s go ahead.”

DL: Did you let Alice help pick the duets?

ES: Actually, Bruce picked a lot of the duets. He picked “You’ll Never Get Away From Me,” and he suggested that we should do something from The Dead, so we picked “Ballyshannon.” Alice and I picked the one from Personals because we had actually done that one before.   Continue reading