Billboard: ‘Grease: Live!’ Freshens a Favorite With Mix of Old and New

Originally published in Billboard.


Kether Donohue, Julianne Hough, Carly Rae Jepsen and Elle McLemore during the dress rehearsal for “Grease: Live!” airing live on Jan. 31, 2016 on FOX. MICHAEL BECKER/FOX


Fox made a bold step into the live television musical arena tonight with Grease: Live!, a technically ambitious production that upped the ante set by NBC’s recent shows by adding multiple soundstages, exterior shots, and a live audience.

Unlike NBC productions including The WizGrease: Live! was based primarily on the 1978 film version of Grease, with story structure, sets, and even a significant portion of the script coming from Bronte Woodard’s screenplay (based on Allan Carr’s adaptation) rather than Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey’s script to the 1972 Broadway musical on which it was based.   Continue reading

Livejournal: Musical Theater Drinking Games

Originally published on my long-defunct Livejournal.

Watch the film version of South Pacific and take a drink every time the world changes color.

Listen to the cast album of Evil Dead the Musical and take a drink every time there’s a line that doesn’t even come close to rhyming.

Bring out the karaoke and take a drink every time someone forgets a lyric; alternatively, take a drink every time one of the queens shrieks “I was going to do that song!” when someone else gets up to sing.

Read selections from a novelization of a musical (my suggestion: the novel of Grease, by Ron DeChrisophero) and take a drink every time a song is awkwardly conveyed in prose.