Fynsworth Alley: 10 Questions with Doug Haverty

Originally published on Fynsworth Alley.

10 Questions with Doug Haverty

Doug Haverty is a graphic designer and playwright. He’s designed many Fynsworth Alley albums, including Cole Porter’s You Never Know, The Stephen Sondheim Album, and Brent Barrett’s Kander and Ebb Album.

inside outYou are both a graphic designer and a songwriter. Which did you get involved with first, and do the two world ever meet?

I started writing plays in high school. I started doing graphics in college. The two worlds met occasionally when I designed flyers for my own plays, but they really merged when I art directed the CD package for my musical (written with Adryan Russ), the Off-Broadway/Cherry Lane Cast Recording of “Inside Out” with Ann Crumb, Kathleen Mahoney-Bennett, Harriett D. Foy, Jan Maxwell, Cass Morgan and Julie Prosser.

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