Fynsworth Alley: Brad Ross

Originally published on Fynsworth Alley.

Brad Ross is the composer of Little By Little. Two of his songs, “Kicks” and “Watching The Show”, are featured on the Broadway Bound album. In addition to his musical theatre work, Brad has written an album of children’s songs as well as symphonic pieces that have been performed by orchestras across the US.

DL: How did you get involved in writing musicals?

BR: I was always a musician from a very young age. I always played the piano, and when I was very young, I also played the clarinet and later the bassoon. But I was always playing other people’s music. There was a point when I was commuting for a summer job from my folks’ house into New York City. I was sitting on the train every day, and on the way back, I got sick of reading the newspaper, so I took one of my father’s music sketch pads and started sketching out melodies from my head. When I got home, I’d go to the piano and play them. I liked the way they sounded, and that got me off on writing my own stuff instead of playing other people’s.  Continue reading