Jewish Options for Recovery: An Interview with Jenny Levine

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created at: 2010-12-28We’ve recently started featuring blogs about addiction treatment from a Jewish perspective, posted by Treatment4Addiction. The person behind those blog posts is Jenny Levine. Jenny grew up in the Boston area in the Jewish community. She is now living in California and working for Treatment4Addiction, and last week she spent some time chatting with us about the work she’s doing.

What is the work that you’re doing?
The website,, is one of the world’s largest recovery resource databases.  We have listings of treatment centers, sober living, therapists, nutritionists, and outpatient programs throughout the country. We also have a database of thousands of blogs on substance abuse, drug information, mental disorders such as eating disorders, and behavioral addictions like gambling and love addiction.  We also have a blog that we update weekly on current issues regarding drug use, our personal stories, and related topics in the news.   Continue reading